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Examination Report

Our studio will provide an examination report for each item. We will examine your artwork and test paint layers and coatings for comparability with product considered for use. We will determine damages, and advise you on how it can be treated or remediated.


Treatment Proposal

A Treatment Proposal is a recommendation for restoration, as well as an estimation of the restoration cost. Note: if during restoration, the development of any major changes to the proposed restoration are found to be necessary, a notification will be sent to the owner. No restoration is undertaken without consent.

Free quote

Contact us to get a free consultation to assess your painting restoration requirements, expected results, and estimated cost.

Advice on environmental control, preventive conservation, collections care, travel, storage, lighting and display of artworks.

Based in Sydney's Inner West, Gilty specialises in the sympathetic restoration and gilding of antique mirrors, picture frames and furniture. Owner Anne Rodrigues trained in London and also with Charles Hewitt frames in Sydney. She has been independently working in Adelaide and Sydney for over a decade.

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